Barista Training Course

Learn coffee's incredible history and journey

The history of coffee and the journey it goes on from 'crop to cup' is not only interesting, it also helps you as a barista understand the complexity of coffee and how easy it is to get wrong.

Learn how to extract the perfect espresso

Extracting the perfect espresso is not as simple as it may sound, there are many variables that make extraction somewhat of an art. 

On our course you will learn how to control the extraction parameters to ensure a great tasting base of your beverage. 

Learn milk steaming techniques

Much like espresso, milk is very easy to get wrong if not steamed, textured or stretched using the correct methods.

You will learn how to steam milk to the correct temperature to really bring out its natural sweetness and compliment the espresso it will inevitably poured upon.

Learn how to pour the perfect cup each and every time

Each drink on a coffee menu has a different pouring technique.

You will learn all different pouring methods and have an opportunity to practice these skills over and over to ensure you leave the course full of confidence to take back to your store.

Learn how to work more quickly and more efficiently while maintaining quality

We will look at the efficiency of the way you work and if it can be improved. Your work counter may not be set out to be used to its full potential, your 'customer to barista' order system may need tweeking, whatever enhancements that can be made, if even necessay, can be looked at and trialed.

Learn how to keep your equipment calibrated and clean

Possibly the most important part of the course!

Working equipment is the most important thing when you're running a coffee shop, therefore it is imperative that we keep all apparatus clean and well calibrated.

You will learn exactly how to clean your espresso machines, group handles and grinders thoroughly.

Our barista training can be tailored to you and your teams needs, You may feel that you need more knowledge or training in a particular area therefore we will bespoke a training package to suit your requirements.

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